Welcome to the The way better international rp WikiEdit

This is way better than the original

This is a million times better Edit

This is a wikia dedicated to all users that like rp. Everyone is welcome besides Vangaurdmaster47, Tundrathesnowpup, and Purple Paw Prints :) :). You have teo founders Gobyisthebestguppy and BraxtonTheBubbleGuppy11. Be nice and if you are on the not allowed list dontt ecen consider coming.

Rules Edit

If it says strict rule you get two skips over bans. Have fun and PLEASE follow our rules.

1. no disloyalty (strict rule)

2. No PAW Patrol content (strict rule)

3. No vandalism (strict Rule)

4, No cussing (strict Rule) 

5. In chat, give a greeting before talking in all caps.

6. No Spamming (strict rule)

7. No bullying/hazing (struct rule)

Latest activityEdit

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